Quietly makes a meal of your scraps
The Scrapeater Uptown boasts a high-torque motor that's designed to crunch through tough scraps without missing a beat. Wet hands and electricity can be a dangerous combination, so the Scrapeater Uptown also comes with an air-switch for an extra level of safety.
The Scrapeater II range of waste disposers come with the grunt to make light work of scraps, and with the features that you'd normally only expect to find on other more expensive machines.


    • Intelligent motor construction allows maximum torque on start up and high speed during operation.
    • A three-stage grinding system effectively liquidises food scraps and reduces the chances of your machine clogging or jamming.
    • Stainless steel swivel impellers and grinding components are robust and efficient.
    • An included air-switch for convenient operation from your benchtop.
    • Triple-point mounting system and built-in dishwasher inlet for easy connection.
    • Overload switch protects the motor if you overfeed your Scrapeater.
    • Triple-sealed sink flange eliminates any under-sink leaks.
    • Standard pipe connections fit directly onto your S&P trap, and the motor plugs directly into your under-sink power point without the need for wiring.
    Product Size
    W: 220mm, D: 220mm, H: 343.5mm
    Watts / Horsepower
    370W / 0.5Hp
    Grinding System
    3 Stage
    Optional Air Switch
    Additional Insulation
    Grinding Components
    Stainless Steel

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