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Command instantanious heat from efficient electric and induction elements in easy to clean and minimalist ceramic hobs. Or if you prefer gas, enjoy the fine art of highly responsive cooking.

Types of cooktops, which one is right for you?

Cooktops are an essential part of any kitchen and come in a variety of styles and looks, from basic to high-tech. They allow you to achieve a more personalised solution for your kitchen and the one you choose will depend on your lifestyle and individual preferences. Read on to learn more about each one.


Ceramic cooktops have a continuous surface and are particularly good for simmering at low temperatures. If you despise spending hours cleaning up after cooking then a ceramic cooktop may be for you. Ceramic cooktops have a continuous surface notoriously easy to clean and distinguished with a sleek black glass finish that blends in perfectly with the surroundings..


Electric cooktops are robust, durable and do not break easily. The hot plates heat up quickly and provide an even surface area for pots and pans to cook on. Electric cooktops are generally less expensive than other types and great for fuss-free functional cookers.


Gas cooktops are well known for their versatility and provide quick temperature changes, even heat distribution, and are compatible with virtually all types of cookware. No power is required to use gas cooktops meaning you could technically use it during a power out. Our gas cooktops are set for natural gas with an LPG kit supplied.


Induction cooktops use magnetic coil below a ceramic glass top to efficiently generate heat to the surface, enabling more precise control over cooking. Because no heat generates to the center Induction tends to be more energy efficient than electric cooktops. To get the most out of your Induction cooktop look for cookware with a magnetic or ferrous base..

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