The Robinhood dishwasher range offers peace of mind when it comes to cleaning the dishes with robust, efficient operation that carefully removes even the toughest baked on leftovers.



12 place settings

12 place settings mean you can fit up to 12 sets of standard plates, bowls and cups as well as saucers and cutlery into a single load, whats more the adjustable top shelf can be used to make room for larger items like chopping boards, pots and pans.

Six essential functions

From heavily soiled loads such as he aftermath of hosting a dinner party to your most delicate and precious glassware, you will enjoy the benefits and versatility of six essential dishwashing programs.

Electronic controls with LED Indicator

A classic looking front panel with electronic push-button controls provide the ultimate in easy to use dishwasher operation, while the LED indicator gives you a clear view of the wash cycles and time remaining.

Three colours to choose from

Coordinate with the rest of your interior with a choice of three neutral and easy to match colour options, including white, stainless steel and black finishes. 

Delay start timer

The delay start timer allows you to program a wash cycle between 1-24 hours ahead of time, so you can run the dishes while you’re away at work, out on errands or during off-peak electricity hours for the savvy savers. 

Three shelf filtration system

Cleaner water makes for cleaner dishes. That is why we have developed our dishwashers with a three-shelf filtration system, effectively capturing dirt and other debris through each targeted layer as the wash cycle progresses.


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