RPB 700 Powerpack White


Super power performance
Your kitchen designer says "hide it away", so an integrated powerpack rangehood is the way to go. A powerpack hood is built into a cupboard above your hob. 
LED Lights
Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights are very energy efficient. They generate hardly any heat, which means that nearly all the energy they consume is turned into light. They also last a long time - up to 50,000 hours (that's about 50 times longer than your average incandescent bulb). The bright white glow of LED lights is shining an eco-friendly path to the future.


    • Designed to be completely built in.
    • A choice of both white and stainless steel faceplates are included with each model
    • A recirculation option, for kitchens where ducting your hob to the exterior of the house isn't possible. (some ducting may still be required to remove air from cupboard space)
    • Three-speed centrifugal motor, to match your cooking styles.
    • Powerful extraction, so cooking odours also go unnoticed.
    • Lights can be operated independently
    • Dishwasher safe micromesh filters.
    Product Size
    W: 696mm, D: 286mm, H: 252mm
    Max Motor Performace
    Max Airflow
    Decibel Rating
    Min 69.4dB
    2 x LED lamps
    Power Levels
    3 Power Levels
    Three layered micro mesh
    Installation Type
    Ducted or recirculated
    Optional Accessories
    Charcoal filter (9070100055)

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