Scrapeater Emperor


Scrapeater Emperor features a high-torque motor designed to crunch through tough scraps, sound baffles within the body of the unit, so scrap elimination doesn't drown out after-dinner conversation and also comes with an air-switch for an extra level of safety.


    • 0.75HP (600W) of waste disposal power
    • Three-stage grinding system 
    • An extra layer of sound insulation
    • Triple-point mounting system
    • Maximum torque on start up and high speed during operation
    • Stainless steel swivel impellers reduce the risk of jams
    • High quality cast stainless steel grinding components
    • Overload switch
    • Standard pipe connections fit directly into your S&P trap
    • Under-sink power point
    • Air switch included
    Product Size
    W: 220mm, D: 220mm, H: 343.5mm
    Watts / Horsepower
    600W / 0.75Hp
    Grinding System
    3 Stage
    Optional Air Switch
    Additional Insulation
    Grinding Components
    Stainless Steel

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