Three Quarter Horsepower With Air Switch


Performance you can trust
The new Robinhood Scrapeater is robust, durable and engineered to consume kitchen scraps with minimum fuss and maximum grunt.
The 3/4 horsepower models includes extra noise insulation and some have the option of an air switch for added safety.

Quick and easy to install without special tools
The Scrapeater sink flange and its seals screw easily into position on a standard waste disposer hole.
The body of the Scrapeater simply attaches to the flange with a hinged clamp.
Standard pipe connections fit directly onto your S&P trap.
Plugs directly into the undersink power point without the need for wiring.


    • Intelligent motor construction allows maximum torque on start up and high speed during operation.
    • Triple-sealed sink flange eliminates any under-sink leaks.
    • Rubber plug hole guard reduces noise and prevents messy splash backs.
    • Stainless steel swivel impellers reduce risk of jams
    • High quality cast stainless steel grinding components.
    • Overload switch protects the motor if you over feed your Scrapeater.
    • Tough, polymer outer casing protects your Scrapeater.
    Product Size
    W: 182mm, D: 182mm, H: 327mm
    Watts / Horsepower
    520W / 0.75Hp
    Grinding System
    1 Stage
    Optional Air Switch
    Additional Insulation
    Grinding Components
    Stainless Steel

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