Half Horsepower


This little piggy knows how to keep the noise down while it’s eating. So when the high quality grinding components are making short work of the scraps, dinnertime conversation doesn’t have to stop. And with a half horsepower electric motor, it’s ideal for small to medium-size households. Some pretty vigorous eating goes on in a Scrapeater’s grinding chamber, so it’s bound to create a bit of noise. By incorporating an extra layer of sound insulation around this area only, the noise is cut to a minimum while the quiet electric motor is allowed to continue breathing cool air.


    • Intelligent motor construction allows maximum torque on start up and high speed during operation.
    • Triple-sealed sink flange eliminates any under-sink leaks.
    • Stainless steel swivel impellers reduce the risk of jams.
    • High quality cast stainless steel grinding components are robust and efficient.
    • Overload switch protects the motor if you overfeed your Scrapeater.
    • Hinged clamp mounting system for quick and easy installation.
    • Standard pipe connections fit directly onto your S&P trap, and the motor plugs directly into your under-sink power point without the need for wiring.
    Product Size
    W: 182mm, D: 182mm, H: 327mm
    Watts / Horsepower
    390W / 0.5Hp
    Grinding System
    1 Stage
    Optional Air Switch
    Additional Insulation
    Grinding Components
    Stainless Steel

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